Data Security

What could happen to your business if one or more of your computers were stolen? Could the thief sell your client list and damage your business? I talked with a towing company who had someone steal their client list and sold it to a competitor damaging their new business. They survived, but it hit them in the pocket book.

According to the Small Business Administration 25% of business do not reopen after a disaster, that includes major data loss preventing the business from operating.

My Data is Safe From Loss

Ah, the mantra of someone who hasn't had a problem before. As someone in the business I was taking the time to backup 10 weeks worth of images before I started to work on them and the hard drive crashed after copying a weeks worth. When I say crashed, I mean it was so physically damaged that professionals who take the drive apart to attempt recovery couldn't find a single file on it. Protecting that data is imperative as I can never get those pictures again.


Do you have backup copies of your data in case something happens to your computers? How long would it take for you to get back online if you lost your computers due to theft or disaster? Online backups can be great unless you need to recover a lot of data quickly. It can take days or weeks to download large amounts of data from an online system or they will charge a large amount to copy the data to a hard drive and send it out to you. Many businesses will make a backup to a single hard drive and store it locally. If something happens to that hard drive they can lose all the data.

Network Protection

The first line of defense in protecting your data from the Internet is having a proper firewall on your network. Most people don't realize that the modem/router from your internet provider isn't normally designed to be a truly secured device nor that consumer routers from box stores are not robust enough for businesses. The best type of device will have software on it that will scan for viruses before it reaches the computer, protect your identity at the gateway, be able to filter content from known problem sites and allow secure remote access to your network so you, or a technician, can safely access the network for work.

Even if you have anti-virus protection at the firewall you still need some protection on your computer to protect the computer from things that the user does, including if they use a USB device on the computer to transfer files as a virus can be brought in on it.




Is your data safe
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