Business Printers

We are a society that still relies on our paper and printers. I always hate hearing from a business that their printer isn't working so they can't print bills, receipts and other documents that are needed on a day to day basis. Once that printer goes down it can damage our ability to work efficiently. We may have to print receipts later and then mail it later. This costs the business more in both materials and time. This can go on for many days. Having a high quality printer that is designed to last for many years.

Inkjet vs. Laser

Which printer is the best for your business? A good quality laser printer can cost more than an inkjet printer up front, but over time which is better? Many of the inexpensive inkjet printers are designed to grab your attention with the cost of the printer, but the cost of ink will add up quickly over a short period of time.

We will talk with you to determine which technology and printer would work best for your office. We are partners with Epson (which specializes in inkjet printers) and Lexmark (which specializes in laser printers). By having resources in both technologies we can help find which printer is the best for your needs.