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Donley Computer Services

About Us

Would you like to meet the folks who work here?

Key Points

We use authorized sources...

...for the purchasing of all of our parts and equipment. A non-authorized source can lead to warranty issues.

Computers have been a part...

...of Steven's life since 1980. He has spent many years in this industry and has done some college classes, but he was always so bored in them as he wanted to learn something new. Computers are in his blood at this point.

Do it right the first time...

...is our philosophy. If we are doing a computer cleanup to make the computer run faster that also means physically cleaning the machine. When you are needing new hardware we research to make sure what we sell you will handle your current software needs and try to encompass you future expansion plans as well. You save in the long run by doing it right the first time.

A bit about our team...

While Donley Computer Services was founded in Oct 2011, we are not new to computers...

In the late 1990's Steven had another computer business he was operating, Eagle Computer Services. This business had a focus on the dental industry and did installations throughout Michigan as well as traveling out of state as a contractor for a digital x-Ray company to help install and debug systems for them. However, with being a single father and getting a phone call to be on a plane the next day, it was becomming to much so he closed the business to pursue something else to keep him local.

Fast forward over a decade, his son is now grown and in college so he has decided it was time to start doing this type of work again as it is more enjoyable to him than many other jobs out there. Plus, Steven does like to work for himself and dictate his own hours. If there is something that needs to be done for a client, or to improve the business, and it's at night, he doesn't want to go through someone else to get approval to do the work, he just does it. It is his business and really only answers to his clients. While he doesn't encourage a client to call him at 11pm on a Saturday night, but if there is an emergency there is a good chance you can get ahold of him (and yes, he has answered calls at that time and used remote access to look at a clients system).


Steven started programming computers when he was around 8 years old and has used several different computers over the years, starting with a Tandy-Radio Shack Model I.

Inorganic Nomenclature Program

After graduating from High School Steven studied programming along with his general education classes. While there he took a few years of chemistry and had written a program that would use a database of ions to create either formulas or names to quiz students on understanding the naming of inorganic chemicals. He didn't have the resources to really sell the program at this time (about 1991-1993) so he gave the program to the tutoring department at the school, as well as the inorganic chemistry professor as the program would also print out a quiz and answer sheet helping to reduce his workload.

Hardware and Shopping Cart

Around 1996 Steven started to work for an internet provider in his area, which is where he started to learn more about networking and computer hardware. While there he was responsible for system administratio on the *nix machines, learned how to configure the modem banks and did back end programing for websites. At this time he developed a shopping cart system that used a local database on the server. You could add/remove items from the database remotely and he was starting to write a program that would process an HTML file with special tags in it to insert the data where it belonged rather than having to write out the entire html page. However, while he was doing this on his own time, his employers decided that to keep his job he would have to assign the rights over to them, so development stopped. Within a few months he moved on to helping his Dad and started to build and network all the computers for his Dad's dental office, which is when he started Eagle Computer Services.

In the End

Lots of things happened over the next 15 years in Steven's life and he applied his computer knowledge to many different aspects of those events. Steven started to develop B/W film around 1987 and would play with printing on alternative medias. He has applied his knowledge of computers to learn how to print on wood, metal, leather and other alternative medias as well. Examples here. Now he has returned to computer work full time, but without the programming. It has now been over 30 years since he first started programming and that past knowledge helps him understand what is happening now as he will see things others may not have ever heard of from a decade past.

Meet the team...

Steven Donley

Steven Donley

Our founder and main technician. Due to his long experience he will often times look at a problem from a different angle and see the possible solution because of it.

Steven is a geek at heart and you can occasionally find him dressed up at a comicbook convetion or a renaissance festival.

Steven Donley

Steven Donley

Steven helps with marketing, website content and some of the business aspects. He is currently studying business administration and international business at Northern Michigan.

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